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"Five Roses" Leone de Castris: the first rosé wine in a bottle of beer

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Thinking about “Five Roses” takes us back to a beautiful family story, mixed to historical events and onetime chances.
Born in 1943, this wine is the first rosé ever bottled in Italy and exported to USA: made of local varietals as Negroamaro (90%) and Malvasia Nera (10% ) its name comes from the district “Cinque Rose” in Salice Salentino, in the province of Lecce, where the famous Apulian family is the owner of several hectares of vineyards, producing wine since the 17th century. In addition to the fact that Leone de Castris progeny has always been composed of five children, therefore the name "Cinque Rose" .
In 1943, at the end of the II World War, Don Piero Leone De Castris sold a substantial supply of wine to General Charles Poletti, head of the American Military Government, who fell in love with the wine but changing the Italian name “Cinque Rose” in "Five Roses" for the new American market.
The story would stop at this point, but there is something more, a detail that should not be overlooked. There was a stumbling block tied to packaging, as it was impossible to rely on a supply of bottles in wartime. Don Piero decided to stock up all the beer bottles found in Brindisi, so he bottled his wine finding an "alternative" way to ship the first Italian rosè to US.

Since 1943 and until today, the "Five Roses" has consolidated its status as a "legend", always faithful to his style, always pleasant and surprising. Pink cherry colour, hot and intriguing; notes of cherry mixed to strawberry and raspberry, with an elegant end of rosehip; young but silky tannins gratify even the most demanding consumers. It is a timeless rosè wine. When pouring into the glass it would be nice to recall the words of Don Piero, the first time he offered Five Roses to his guests: "It is a rosé from Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera, grown in my estate of Five Roses in Salice. A wine produced in small quantities because it is the favourite to my wife Lisette and her friends. That is why we never bottled it "...

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